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How to start playing ITF Juniors
ITF does not care for UTR. ITF entries goes by ITF ranking. If one does not have a ranking, they need to find places where they feel they can enter.… Read more
22nd Dec 2021
Building Mental Toughness for Tennis
With so many different ways of thinking and doing things, it's easy to wonder where you fit in mentally. What do you think? And how do you act… Read more
11th Jan 2022
9 Tips to build Mental Toughness for Tennis
Tennis is a game that necessitates a sound mind to win because it is primarily an individual sport. A player's cognitive thinking may frequently… Read more
2nd Mar 2022
How to Practice Tennis to Win Part 1 – The French & Aqeel Khan Way
Have you ever visited clubs or tennis academies across the world and seen some practice matches? The players look like a million dollars. Hundreds of… Read more
4th Feb 2022
How to Practice Tennis to Win Part 2 –Taylor Dent Way
We discussed in the article “Practice to Win– The French & Aqeel Khan Way”, how the French tennis system promotes the art of winning matches in… Read more
7th Feb 2022
How Tennis Increases Mental Health and Self-Esteem in Children and Teens
Tennis is a sport of rhythm, energy, strategy, and stamina. The next time you and your children or teens play tennis, they may discover many tennis… Read more
14th Feb 2022
Mental Health Reasons Why It's Growing Challenge for Athletes
If we talk about the current 21st century, nothing has changed. People still very much adore and look up to the glamorous lifestyles of the athletes… Read more
11th Mar 2022
How to Stop Being Nervous Before a Tennis Match?
Most athletes do well in practice when they are calm, but their game worsens in a match. Many players have difficulty mastering both the technical… Read more
24th Mar 2022
Growing evidence of mental stress in tennis
The game of tennis has always been considered a gentleman's sport. Ever since the game's inception, players have been expected to behave in… Read more
6th May 2022
Grip Change Theories and Drama
The ideal is to have a coach who understands that kids are built differently, with different body types and game styles and grips. The ideal coach is… Read more
17th May 2022

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