Tennis Stars and Recruiting

Tennis stars are a ranking system for US tennis players, based on their accomplishments and victories. Players receive the rankings from the tennis recruiting network that establishes the level of the student-athletes. 

A player must have participated in at least three tournaments over the previous year to be included in the rating system. In addition, they have to play and win in three matches against any three competitors with different rankings.  

The tennis rating uses head to head method to place a player in a rank within their country's graduating high school class. Wins over players from graduation years other than their own will also factor into their standing. The point total plummets if they lose against the lower-ranked opponent in the tournament's opening round. 

For college recruiters, this is quite helpful because it enables them to see and compare the player's level with other players who will graduate in the same year, even if the players have an unfavorable draw in any tournaments.  

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These ratings are given to the players twice a year. Fall ratings come in late September, and spring ratings will appear in the middle of March. And the players must earn two rankings during the rating period. 

Each rating lasts for 8 weeks. Mid-July through mid-September is the period for the fall ratings. Early January through early March are the spring ratings. Before the beginning of the eight weeks, the date for the rating will be made public. 

Tennis stars work in a way that the top 25 players will get the rank of blue chip, and top 75 will get five stars, and top 200 will get four stars, and top 400 will get three stars, and the top 600 will get two stars, and top 800 will get 1-star ratings throughout the year. 

The players who were ranked at the top for the six months before the rating period will be labeled as Blue Chip. If there is a class of 400 players, then the rating for them would be as follows, the top 300 would get two stars, the top 200 would get two stars, and the top 100 would get four stars.

If the class has 800 players graduating that year, then the thresholds are scaled down proportionally. And for 1100 players, the top 700 would be given two stars. For 1400 players, the top 800 would get two stars.  

The way a player can improve their ranking and place well in the front line of college tennis recruiting list is to play as many tournaments as possible throughout the year. It will help them significantly improve their ranking and ratings

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