College Tennis Recruitment

College tennis recruiting is like getting a job. As a prospective student athlete, you need to market yourself to prospective coaches. You must discover the right fitment for you, understand compliance and eligibility rules for playing college tennis for various governing bodies and divisions, how to maximize scholarships etc. In the US, there are counselors that charge $5000 for this service. In India, there are organizations charging 4 lacs for this service. Our belief is that you can pay a fraction of the cost and get similar service by utilizing Tennis Wizard.


What You Get In College Tennis Recruitment Package

College Tennis Recruitment Guide

A step by step guide that would help US and International high school tennis players understand the detailed steps that athletes need to take based on academic year to get a college scholarship and play for a dream college.
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NIL Aligned Athlete Profile Webpage

A NIL aligned personal web page individually crafted unlike automated profile pages that highlight player video, bio, volunteer experiences etc. that can be marketed easily to college coaches and sponsors.
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NIL Aligned Social Media Promotion For Athletes

Our team will market you in various social media channels. You are encouraged to send us your results and achievements and we will market them. You will also get a chance to publish articles and stories on tennis and mental health, tennis journey etc. in our Experience Share & Blog section.
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Expert Advice

Find relevant experts on college tennis recruitment and consult with them right from your home. Our experts also provide consulting on mental strength training for tennis, junior development pathway, ITF travel etc.
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Dream College Tennis Program Finder Tool

An interactive tool which will allow you to find your dream college by searching for a variety of academic, tennis, social life and post college opportunity factors. We will be releasing this shortly
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Tennis Recruitment Package


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Several Video Guides To Improve Your Tennis Journey
Several Written Blogs To Improve Your Tennis 'Journey'
NIL Aligned Web Page Expert Advice (Experts Charge Their Separate Fees)

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Tennis Recruitment Guide

Custom report for player : 10 best matches, report on tennis fitment, academic life, cost, experience etc.
NIL Guide - NIL rule where you can earn money for your brand and not lose athletic eligibility.
Country Specific Academic Requirements. Tournaments Scheduler
Social media promotion by our team.

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Expert Advice

Relevant Experts on College Tennis Recruitment
1 on 1 video Guide Mental Training

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