College Tennis Recruitment Guide

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Overview, differences and opportunities in NCAA DI, D2 and D3, NAIA and JUCO
  • About key areas like ITA, NLI, NIL, pathway to pros, FI visa best practices etc.
  • Differences between International versus domestic tennis recruiting
  • Eligibility rules regarding academics, gap year, delayed admission and prize money acceptance
  • How coaches evaluate prospects
  • How you should evaluate programs
  • How to build your dream tennis program list
  • How scholarships work by gender and divisions and how to maximize your package
  • How to negotiate other benefits
  • Step by step“to-dos” by school year from 8th to 12th grade
  • How to market yourself using profiles, videos, social media pushes
  • About Compliance protocols, like when a coach can contact a player, etc.
  • List of US College Tennis Programs by Gender, Governing Bodies, Divisions & Conferences

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Tennis Recruitment Guide

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