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Common Terms Used In College Tennis

21 Feb 2023

ITA: The Intercollegiate Tennis Coaches Association  oversees men’s and women’s collegiate tennis at all levels – NCAA Divisions I, II and III, NAIA and Junior/Community College. ITA creates dual and ...

How Important is Club Tennis in Getting Recruited?

20 Feb 2023

Club tennis, although not a mandatory stepping stone to getting recruited, most definitely helps players improve and hone their skills.

Will College Tennis Camps Help a Player Get Recruited?

03 Feb 2023

The transition from an individual-oriented junior tennis to a potential career in college tennis can be challenging for some players. Although a summer tennis camp is not a prerequisite for recruitmen...

Tennis Stars and Recruiting

11 Jan 2023

Tennis stars are a ranking system for US tennis players, based on their accomplishments and victories. Players receive the rankings from the tennis recruiting network that establishes the level of the...

Tennis, Music and Rhythm

10 Jan 2023

It is a well-known fact that sportspersons listen to music while training or during warm-ups. We often see NBA players plugged in during pre-match warmups.

What are The Rules for NCAA College Tennis Recruiting?

06 Dec 2022

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, regulates college athletes and their wellness and success in their designated sport.

NCAA D1 Men's Tennis Colleges in Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Utah and Wisconsin

17 Nov 2022

Here is a list of Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wisconsin's NCAA D1 men's tennis colleges.