8th Grade Preparation List to Play College Tennis

07 Jun 2022

A big part of playing college tennis is to plan your course of action correctly. Here are some action items that we suggest you follow.

9th Grade Preparation List to Play College Tennis

07 Jun 2022

Below are the 9th grade to-dos for playing college tennis. Review 8th grade To-Dos – If you have not read the 8th Grade To-Dos, please review it first. If you read it in 8th grade, you are in good sha...

All You Need To Know About Delayed Enrollment

07 Jun 2022

After a prospective student-athlete’s expected date of high school graduation, they have a certain amount of time (grace period) to continue tennis participation before initially enrolling full time a...

Redshirt Your Way to Get An Extra Year to Get College Ready

29 Jun 2022

In Men's and women's professional tennis, the average age of professionals has increased than it was 10 years back. You are seeing Rafael Nadal winning slams in 2022 when he was fully expected to spen...

All You Need To Know About Taking A Gap Year

07 Jun 2022

Gap year is taking a gap in school before college. This means repeating a year in school or not enrolling for a year. Many athletes choose to do this as it gives them an extra year to improve their UT...

Email Draft to College Coach – For a Team Where Tennis Level Is Higher Than Your Current Level

12 Jul 2022

Sample letter for a team where the tennis level is higher than your current level. Copy and paste this letter in an email. Follow the instructions in yellow. And take everything that is in yellow out ...

All You Need to Know About US College Tennis Scholarships

07 Jun 2022

Obtaining a tennis scholarship to play college tennis is probably the most important aspect in the minds of the recruit and their family. In this article, we will cover all the important things to kno...