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Distinguish between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards

08 Jul 2022

Intrinsic rewards refers to simple fun, pleasure, excitement and satisfaction derived from just participating in any activity. For example, some people love walking or running simply because it gives ...

What is motivation and motives?

08 Jul 2022

There are several theories about motivation, but what I have come to understand about motivation is – the driving force to act upon anything whether it be reading this course to gain a diploma or gett...

Redshirt Your Way to Get An Extra Year to Get College Ready

29 Jun 2022

In Men's and women's professional tennis, the average age of professionals has increased than it was 10 years back. You are seeing Rafael Nadal winning slams in 2022 when he was fully expected to spen...

Key Ingredients To Become a Good Tennis Parent

23 Jun 2022

According to basketball superstar Michael Jordan, "Champions are made, not born". And that process involves quite a few variables but one constant for budding athletes is the presence of their parents...

Grip Change Theories and Drama

23 Jun 2022

Before our kids were born, my husband Anirban decided that he wanted them to play tennis because he knows tennis and can understand the pitfalls with coaches.

How to start playing ITF Juniors?

23 Jun 2022

ITF stands for International Tennis Federation. Among other things, they are responsible for managing the under 18 boys' and girl's junior circuit.

NAIA Series - Academic Eligibility Requirements for International Students Who Attended One Semester or More of University for Playing NAIA

08 Jun 2022

If you have attended College or University for only one semester, then you must pass nine US credit hours. Credits are converted to U.S. equivalents based on international transfer credit industry sta...