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8th Grade Preparation List to Play College Tennis

07 Jun 2022

A big part of playing college tennis is to plan your course of action correctly. Here are some action items that we suggest you follow.

How Tennis Increases Mental Health and Self-Esteem in Children and Teens?

23 Mar 2022

Tennis is a sport of rhythm, energy, strategy, and stamina. The next time you and your children or teens play tennis, they may discover many tennis mental health benefits while playing this game. 

How to Practice Tennis to Win ( Part 2 ) –Taylor Dent Way

23 Mar 2022

our last article, we discussed “How to Practice Tennis to Win– The French & Aqeel Khan Way”, how the French tennis system promotes the art of winning matches in practices to create gamers along with e...

How to Practice Tennis to Win ( Part 1 ) – The French & Aqeel Khan Way

23 Mar 2022

Have you ever visited clubs or tennis academies across the world and seen some practice matches? The players look like a million dollars. Hundreds of balls flying across the court in jet speed with ma...

9 Tips to Build Mental Toughness for Tennis

23 Mar 2022

Tennis is a game that necessitates a sound mind to win because it is primarily an individual sport. A player's cognitive thinking may frequently make or break them. With no teammates to rely upon, the...

How to Build Mental Toughness for Tennis?

22 Mar 2022

With so many different ways of thinking and doing things, it's easy to wonder where you fit in mentally. What do you think? And how do you act in stressful matches?

Mental Health: Reasons Why It's Growing Challenge for Athletes

22 Mar 2022

On athleticism, God knows no favor. It seems rather he is in the business of teaching winners how to lose and losers how to win." -Cris Jami