About Me

Tennis Wizard is a personal mission for co-founder Anirban Dutta.
  • He has played Division 1 NCAA college tennis
  • He has been a PTR certified tennis professional
  • He has served as an assistant Division 1 college coach
  • He is an investor at a major tennis club in the Dallas area owned by former tennis professional Taylor Dent
  • He is a USTA volunteer and serves as a board member for USTA TX, chair of USTA TX Tennis Experience Council, and member of USTA National Pro Circuit Committee
  • He has two teenagers playing the ITF junior circuit
Anirban is passionate about helping high school tennis players all over the world learn about US college tennis and get tennis scholarship.


Services & Pricing

Custom College Tennis Recruitment Consulting Package. $500 One Time Fee. You will get:
  1. Up to 2 discovery phone / video sessions with TW Founder Anirban Dutta
  2. Player assessment questionnaire
  3. Custom research
  4. A player profile website for 1 year
  5. A comprehensive player report that includes but not limited to a minimum of:
    - 5 ""best chances"" institutions where you are best suited to go right away
    - 5 ""maybe"" institutions which are within reach but are still a challenge
    - 5 ""stretch"" institutions where you maybe won't qualify right now but could get there
    - For each of the 15 institutions, you get detailed report on tennis fitment, academic life, cost, experience etc. You will also get coach's email addresses, draft email templates.
  6. A comprehensive US college tennis landscape guide. This guide contains:
    • Academic eligibility
      • requirements For international incoming Freshmen for playing NAIA
      • requirements For international students who attended one semester or more of University for playing in NAIA
      • All you need to know about InCred, the academic credential service required for international students for playing in NAIA
    • Compliance
      • Redshirting rules and college readiness
      • All you need to know about taking a gap year
      • All you need to know about delayed enrollment
      • Transferring colleges & eligibility rules
      • College Tennis Recruiting Calendar For NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA
      • Playing Eligibility Timeline for NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA & NJCAA Tennis
      • Links To Official rulebooks for NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA & ITA
      • To-do list based on your grade level
    • Scholarships
      • All you need to know about US college tennis scholarships
      • How are college tennis coaches measured?
      • How college coaches evaluate prospects
      • How prospects should evaluate college tennis programs

Contact Me

Anirban Dutta anirban.dutta@thetenniswizard.com

Anirban Dutta