About Me

Tennis Wizard is a personal mission for co-founder Anirban Dutta.
  • He has played Division 1 NCAA college tennis
  • He has been a PTR certified tennis professional
  • He has served as an assistant Division 1 college coach
  • He is an investor at a major tennis club in the Dallas area owned by former tennis professional Taylor Dent
  • He is a USTA volunteer and serves as a board member for USTA TX, chair of USTA TX Tennis Experience Council, and member of USTA National Pro Circuit Committee
  • He has two teenagers playing the ITF junior circuit
Anirban is passionate about helping high school tennis players all over the world learn about US college tennis and get tennis scholarship.

Services & Pricing

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Player Pathway Introduction (Parent Assistant Program)

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Player Pathway Premium Program (Parent Assistant Program)

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Player Pathway Custom Program (Parent Assistant Program)

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College Tennis Introduction (College Tennis Package)

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College Tennis (DIY) Premium Program (College Tennis Package)

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College Tennis Custom Program (College Tennis Package)

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College Tennis DIY + Tennis Player Branding & Promotion (College Tennis Package)

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